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Art for Charity, the Arsenal Strikes Again!

Wow. All I can say is wow! The Arsenal of Arstist (@thearsernalofartists) Presents: Game Over! Was one helluva success!! Sorry it took a day and a half to give an update but we are still recovering from such an amazing time!! I would like to personally thank Cosmic Primate Tattoo (@cosmicprimatetattoo) and the whole crew, especially Ray Petty (@zombieprimate) and Ryan Lebiedzinski (@aliendigits) for hosting and lending a much needed hand with the show!! A huge shout out to my fellow Generals in arms, my bruddahs from anuddah, Micky Fiedler (@dadscartoons) and Cash Cannon (@cashcannon1) for making this one epically unforgettable event! Big shout out to the homie Chris RWK (@chrisrwk) for an amazing design (still available at Another shout out to all our sponsors and all those who attended the show to help us raise money for such a great cause – The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia!! Finally a huge shout out to Joshua Astacio (@_life_as_a_photographer) for taking some amazing shots – you can see them here:

Arsenal of Artists Presents: Game Over!

Give us a few days to tie up some loose ends and show some love to those who support – all leading to the launch of the website with the remaining pieces of the show – which you can now access over at

Until next time, love, peace and cheesesteak grease!!

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The lights are out. The room is illuminated by the soft pulsing glow of the tv. Then you see it… ducks flying across the screen. You look down and in your hand – the NES Zapper. You fire. And from that moment on – life will never be the same. Each one of us have that defining moment where video games captured our imagination… and to most of us, has never let go. Was it when you first held an Atari joystick? When you first used the Konami code? Or was it when you first warped to Level 8?? Today we pay homage to all those fond memories. Today the Arsenal of Artists gathers once again. We will raise our controllers – holding our joysticks up high – blow into our Nintendo cartridges and tell the world… we are gamers and we are not going anywhere!